about-us-OsburnMr. Dave Lehr, a San Antonio builder of concrete roads and bridges, started mining silica sand on this sand deposit prior to 1900. Transportation at that time was primarily by horse and wagon.

In 1912 the SAU&G railroad constructed a rail line linking San Antonio with Corpus Christi and the Texas Gulf Coast. The railroad siding was established at Lehr, Texas and rail shipments of sand commenced in 1912.

Upon Mr. Lehr’s death, the production plant was purchased by the J.K. Osburn Family and renamed Osburn Sand Company. The Osburn family operated the plant until 1959 when Mr. Robert L. Tooke purchased the plant and property -- changing the name to Osburn Materials, Inc. to better reflect the variety of industrial and construction sand products the company produces and sells. Many improvements have been made since then to expand production capacity and process reliability.

Osburn Materials, Inc. serves both domestic and export customers, participating in diverse market segments such as automotive, industrial casting, construction materials, and sports industry development. Mr. Clay M. Tooke joined the organization in the 1980’s and now serves as the President of Osburn Materials, Inc.